Custom Family Combo Meal Subscription Plan

Having trouble deciding between Classic and Clean Eating Plans?  
Need more recipes to choose from?

Custom Family Combo Meal Subscription Plan

Get all the membership plans for less than $4.60 week!*

*paid quarterly

Have picky eaters but want to eat healthy too? Need school lunch ideas? Just want more options? This plan has it all!

Deciding between the classic and clean eating weekly family meal plans can be tough. Luckily, with our Family Combo Meal subscription plan, there’s no more having to decide between the two. 

What’s Included

With more healthy family meal plan recipes to choose from, the family combo subscription is the way to go. With this plan you will have access to:

  • Both 60 Classic and 60 Clean Eating dinner recipes
  • 16 Cold Lunch recipes
  • Classic and Clean Eating Made for You menus (current month plus past 2 months).

With our dinner recipes, you’ll receive 20 new recipes for each plan every month. These recipes will be available to you on the last day of the month during your subscription.

Likewise, enjoy 8 new cold lunch recipes each month that replace 8 older recipes.

$55.00 every 3 months

(auto renews until canceled)

*you will need to be logged in to upgrade

The Details

Our Combo Plan is a healthy family option for a meal plan and is designed with you in mind. We know that before any mom commits to a subscription, she wants to know just how much it will cost her in the long run. Let’s break it down for you.

On the Family Combo Meal Subscription Plan you can expect to pay quarterly, so every 3 months at $55.00, that’s less than $4.60 a week! This subscription will continue billing  (auto-renew) until canceled.

If you are a current member of 5 Dinners 1 Hour and looking to upgrade to these meal planning ideas for families, you can upgrade directly on our website but you must be logged in to update your account.

Please note: Your security and privacy is a priority, which is why your credit card and personal information will be securely processed and never shared with other parties  

Frequently Asked Questions

With any business, we know you’ll have questions about the services offered. I’m here to help answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding our healthy family meal plans and subscriptions.

Can I always expect new recipes every month?
Some recipes (approx 2 - 5) in the Family Combo Meal subscription may overlap between classic and clean eating plans on a given month. We include some FREE  bonus recipes to compensate for this. 

Is this plan similar to other 5 Dinner 1 Hour subscriptions?
The Custom Family plan has the same features as our other custom plans: Adjustable serving sizes, custom grocery list, and rotating recipes. We’ve done this to create a user-friendly experience for our customers and families. 

When will the Family Combo Meal subscription be available?
This plan is now readily available. Subscribe now to start prepping!

5 Dinners in 1 Hour was designed with moms and families in mind, creating healthy family meal plans that everyone can enjoy—leaving you in the kitchen less and at the table more. Subscribe today with one of our weekly meal plan subscriptions!

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