Welcome to 5 Dinners In 1 Hour, the Revolutionary Meal Prep System

that gives you dinner time super powers!

Streamline the cooking process and eliminate the need to dirty the kitchen every night.

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Less time in the kitchen = more time with family.


what you get

Shop your grocery list.

Use either your Made for You or custom menu to assemble all your meals.

Choose recipes to customize a menu OR use the Made for You menu.

how it works


  Organized shopping list sorted by grocery aisles.

  Easy to follow, detailed instructions to prep 5 dinners in less than an hour.

  Cooking directions that help you get dinner on the table in minutes.

  Side dish serving suggestions also included on the grocery list.

  Recipes designed so you can set a timer and walk away while dinner cooks.

  After dinner clean up is quicker with minimal dishes to wash.


get started

Classic plan has no diet restrictions full of family favorite recipes that please even the pickiest of picky eaters.
The Clean Eating plan is basically the Classic menu recipes made cleaner, no white flour, no refined sugars (only honey and maple syrup are used sparingly), no processed foods, LOTS more veggies and reduced carbs.
Cold Lunch recipes for both kids and adults. Using the same concept as the 5 dinners system, you can pack a week of lunches in just minutes. Recipes/ingredients are easily adaptable for those with diet restrictions.