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How it Works

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Become a member.  Shop for groceries using our custom or ready made grocery list.

Step 2. Prep

In under an hour, prep 5 dinners (we walk you through it step by step) and start spending more time with your family (or a good book).  You deserve it!

Step 3. Relax and Enjoy

Relax, girlfriend!  You just gained back 3 hours this week. Now go have some fun and make memories!

Common Questions

Is it really worth the money? Our meal planning system will save you money at the checkout and rescue your family from greasy take out yet again! If you don't agree, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked!

How do I know my family will like it? Most families love our menus, just print, prep and enjoy. If you have fussy eaters or diet restrictions, you can create your own custom menu from our recipe database to be sure to get the foods your family loves on the dinner table.

Is it really easier and faster? We think this is the fastest meal planning and prep system available. Sure there are plenty of alternatives, but ours will save you more time in the kitchen, prepping, cooking and cleaning. We'll help you get back 3 hours a week while still getting nutritious dinners on the table night after night.


Classic Meal Plan

Classic plan has no diet restrictions full of family favorite recipes that please even the pickiest of picky eaters.

Clean Eating Meal Plan

The Clean Eating plan is basically the Classic menu recipes made cleaner, no white flour, no refined sugars (only honey and maple syrup are used sparingly), no processed foods, LOTS more veggies and reduced carbs.

Need more recipes? Get the combo and enjoy both classic and clean eating plus the limited time bonus of free lunches.


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