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Meal Plan Subscribers:

 When and where will you get your menus each month?

  • You can log into your account ANYTIME to view/download menus. Use the log in credentials you set up before paying. 
  • Menus are updated once a month (all 4 weeks at once). Made For You menus are also emailed monthly. 
  • They are published on the last day of each month prior.  ex. February menus will arrive January 31st. 
  • Be sure to save the menus to your computer and/or print them so you always have them handy. 
  • Menus rotate monthly and will only be available in the member area for the current and previous month. *be sure to save and print them. 

Step 1.  Watch this video to learn how to use the Made For You menu.

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Step 2. Where to reach us

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Step 3.  Join our Facebook Community!

If you had a prior subscription with us, you will not get an email with log in instructions.  Use the same log in you had before.  If you need assistance with this, please email us at [email protected]

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