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I am loving this meal prep and eating at home. With all the meals that I fed my family, I was still able to take a meal to my friend (She had a baby last week!). It was nice to just be able to take a meal to her without an extra prep.

Jenna P.

My groceries for week 2 were less than $60, including milk, fruit, and 10% sales tax! I'm used to spending about $100/week and buying minimal meat, so this was awesome, especially considering we had four packages of meat!!


Can I just say I love that because of the prep I didn't have to run to the store for anything during the week. Typically I plan a meal a day head but don't really prep other than thaw the meat out. This has been fantastic! Knowing that everything is done and on the day of with in about 30min dinner is done! You don't know how much valuable time you've given me back with my kid! Thank you!


My family LOVED the Cheesy Chicken Tenders so much. They raved and raved and wished we had more. With four kids I only get unanimous approval if we have take out so I was shocked. I will definitely be making this again.

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