Easy prep-ahead LUNCH PLANS

Tired of figuring out what to pack for the kids lunches?

What can you expect?

-no cooking needed - thank goodness, right? .....because we know you barely have time to cook dinner.

-build your own custom menu in our menu creator tool.  Pick form a variety of recipes and adjust # of lunches needed for the week which equals less waste. 

-easy to follow plans - even your kids can make these......am I your best friend yet?

-picture of each lunch - reading....... who has time for that?

-easy to find ingredients - Wally World, Target, local grocery store....etc.

-simple! - no kitty cat shaped cookie cutters needed. Meow!

-make all lunches for the week in about 15 minutes - shoot, you can do this while dinner is cooking on Sunday night. Better yet, your kids can while you have a glass of wine cook dinner.

What does your lunch making process currently look like?

It's 6 a.m., your kids need lunches packed and you watched The Real Housewives last night forgot to go to the store.

You scrounge around and can only find a bag of stale chips (mostly crumbs), 3 pieces of bread left (2 are the heels...... oh the horror) and some sliced cheese......

PLAN B......they can buy lunch today!! You grunt your way to your purse to dig up some money when all you want to do is put on a bra and brush your teeth.........[email protected]!..... you only have .67 in your purse and the quarter may or may not be stuck to a mint........

"PLAN C.........Panic sets in, you make cheese sandwiches with the heel of the bread and that last "normal" piece, cut them on a diagonal so it looks cute-ish and like you made an effort, shove the stale chips in baggies, toss in some juice boxes and some raisins and voila... LUNCHES ARE MADE.....  

you toss them in the backpacks and say a quick prayer for the day........Lord, please don't let my kids sit next to the kid who's mother spends all day on Pinterest and sends lunches with kitty cat shaped sandwiches complete with pretzel whiskers, fancy fruit kabobs with fruit cut into perfectly shaped hearts, homemade organic chia seed granola and embroidered cloth napkins......please, thank you, Amen.

Sound familiar?

If you need IDEAS..... we got 'em.....A PLAN..... we've got one.......A GROCERY LIST......got that too.......and.....we simplified lunch packing into a streamline system that will help you get all the lunches pre-packed for the week in about 15 minutes.

These plans are so easy to follow (they even include pictures of each lunch)  your kids can even pack their own!

Easy assembly line packing will have you in and out of the kitchen FAST!

Why in the world would you want to pay for this service?


No more having to spend hours online looking for ideas. 


Just point and click to add lunches to your weekly menu*.  Adjust # of lunches needed and serving sizes. 


A custom grocery list will generate for you.  You don't even have to think! 

* Lunches can be paired with any of our custom dinner plans to create ONE master grocery list!

Strawberries with chocolate fondue? Better get your Mom of the Year speech ready.



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