Wouldn't it be awesome for someone else to plan dinner for you?

Put away the cookbooks and log out of Pinterest.  I already made your menu for the week!

Take my one week Dinner at Home Challenge!

Relax and let me plan the next week of dinners for you. 

I will even send you a grocery list that can cut your shopping time down to 15 minutes!

Missy R.

I'm so loving this! It's kinda wrong to call it a "challenge", it's making life sooo much easier! My day was super busy today but no worries because I took 3 min this morning to put my taco beef in crockpot and now have dinner ready in the 30 minutes I have in between meetings to eat!

How it Works

1 hour + 1 mess = 5 dinners



organized for you

I planned your week of dinners.  You just grab the grocery list and shop online or in store.  *I will share my online grocery shopping resources with you.



all 5 dinners in about an hour

Follow my step by step instructions to prep all 5 dinners in about an hour (or less).

Store it all fresh in the fridge until ready to cook.



perfect for beginner or novice cooks.

Some dinners will go from fridge to table in about 10 minutes or cook in the slow cooker all day and ready when you get home!

Let's get cooking!

Normally $5.00 - Today Only $2

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Watch our friend Chris prep all 5 dinners in under an hour!

I wanted to thank you for the April Dinner at Home Challenge. We are a family of six and I have been meal planning for over a decade now but even I need help with new ideas! We have found so many new family favorites from 5 dinners 1 hour. Thank you! From a family with picky eaters, teenagers and me being dairy free I have still been able to make most of these meals work for all of us!

 Busy Mom of 4

Can I just say I love that because of the prep I didn't have to run to the store for anything during the week. Typically I plan a meal a day head but don't really prep other than thaw the meat out. This has been fantastic! Knowing that everything is done and on the day of with in about 30min dinner is done! You don't know how much valuable time you've given me back with my kid! Thank you

Angela, Mom of a busy toddler

Feed your family quality dinner in less time and less cost than the greasy drive thru!

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