About the 5 Dinners In 1 Hour Affiliate Partnership Program

Calling all busy moms, mom bloggers, food bloggers, coupon/savings bloggers and any bloggers who have an audience that eats, we would love to partner with you. 

If you are a busy mom and have friends that are busy moms, you can earn referral commissions by becoming an affiliate. 

Michelle Dudley
Founder, CEO
If your friends or audience consists of busy moms, then do them a favor and introduce them to the system that will revolutionize their dinner routine!

Why become an affiliate partner?

  • **NEW** Earn residual income because we pay on the entire duration of the subscription. Make the sale once and get paid each time the subscription renews (every 3 months).  Earn commissions on initial purchase PLUS earn every time the subscription renews.
  • Earn commissions on your own referrals plus earn on the sales of any affiliates you refer.  We pay you for sales  your referred affiliates make.  You refer a friend, influencer or fellow blogger, they make a sale, you get paid 3% on that sale and all the renewals for the duration of the subscription. 
  • We host 5-7 Facebook LIVE meal prep demos every week.  You can share those lives to your page along with your affiliate link.
  • You can host your own Facebook LIVE on your own page!  Be sure to post your affiliate link so you get credit. 

Earn more!

Earn ​28% commission all on sales. 


Refer friends, influencers and bloggers into our Affiliate Partnership program and earn 3% on their sales too!


Tax ID required to participate in affiliate program. Affiliates will receive a yearly 1099 to report on their tax returns. 

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