paleo meal plans


You have been asking……….and we are super excited to FINALLY make it happen! Stay tuned…… … [Read More...]

Shamrock Shake

7 Lucky Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

It's that time again! Another Thirsty Thursday with Brooke! Today I bring you... 7 of the luckiest drinks from the blogesphere.     I've mentioned before that I also write at CookedWithLoveByMom.Com, one of our contributors Holly … [Read More...]


Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup

You know that rule about not trying out new recipes when you have guests over?  I have to admit that I have blatantly broken that rule for years.  I have what some might call a bit of a stubborn streak, and that rule just didn't fly for me.  I want … [Read More...]

Thirsty Thursday: Cherry Vanilla Lime Sprite by Brooke @5Dinners1Hour.Com

Thirsty Thursday: Cherry Vanilla Lime Sprite

  A Cherry Vanilla Lime Sprite is a staple of my childhood. I have many memories of time spent with my Mom driving into a Sonic on summer night just to get our special treat. You must order it exactly as I've said, "Cherry Vanilla Lime Sprite". … [Read More...]

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