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Pay for one subscription and get access to all 4 meal plans PLUS the custom menu creator tool!  If you are busy like me, you have had to rely on fast food for dinner more than you would like to admit.  In fact, it is that “dinner in a paper sack” guilt that inspired me to create 5 dinners in 1 hour.  I have used other meal plans in the past and even tried once a month freezer cooking but they all still had me in the kitchen for 30+ minutes each night.  The plan was nice but still not quite enough for me to  get a healthy dinner on the table between all the kids activities.  Most of the time, on those plans,  I ended up throwing away expensive meat because I never had time to cook it.   Sound familiar?

With 5 dinners in 1 hour, you are not slaving over a hot stove for 30 minutes just to end up with a messy kitchen that takes another 30 minutes to clean.  Who has time (or wants) to wash a sink full of pots and pans every night? Not me!

I can teach you how to spend just 1 hour in the kitchen to have 5 healthy meals ready to cook (bake, slow cook, grill, broil and sometimes sauté) on those busy weeknights.  Your kitchen gets messy only ONE time.  Most meals leave you with just one or two baking dishes to wash.

Each subscription includes simple make ahead meal plans for effortless weeknight dinners.   Grocery lists, assembly instructions and cooking directions are all easy to follow and will help you fill your fridge in about an hour for the busy week ahead.  We offer classic, clean eating, gluten free and paleo menu subscriptions along with a custom menu creator.  New menus will be featured each month so be sure to save your favorites to your computer. 


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