• Do you have sample menus?
  • How do I pay for my subscription?
  • Are all your meals 'one hour' meals?
  • Will I really be able to make all 5 recipes in one hour?
  • How will I get my menus?
  • Are the ingredients easy to find?
  • How much will I spend on 5 dinners?
  • Do you ever repeat a recipe?
  • What if I don't like a recipe on the menu?
  • We have a seafood allergy in our house.  Do you have alternatives?
  • How do I cancel my renewal?
  • When are new menu plans posted?
Try our Eat at Home 1 Week Challenge for a sample of our Meal Plans. 
Click HERE to choose the menu plan you would like to subscribe to.  Paypal is our only payment processor at this time.  It is very important that you update your email attached to your Paypal account before ordering.  You can read how to update your email HERE
No! We show you how to make/prep 5 dinners in ONE hour so you have all your prep work done and can get dinner cooked quickly on busy weeknights. It’s a meal planning system like no other. We can save you a ton of time.
Yes. It should only take you about an hour. You will need to have all your ingredients and tools out before you start. Be sure to get everyone out of the kitchen unless they are helping. If you are lucky enough to have a helper, it should take less than an hour. Follow the directions as close as possible and always store perishables in the refrigerator. 
Once you subscribe, you will get an email with log in information. (be sure to check your spam folder) From there you will log into the member area to download menus each month. You will be charged $20 every 3 months or $40.00 every 6 months to your PayPal account. This is automatically renewed every 3 or 6 months unless you cancel before your upcoming renewal date.

If you redeem a voucher from Plum District, Living Social, Groupon or purchase a gift certificate, you will also log in at least once a month to view or download the meal plan.

Yes. I shop at Kroger, Albertsons, Sprouts and WalMart. 

I typically spend about $65.00-$75.00 for the classic menu for 5 dinners (that feed 4-6) including sides.  If you watch for sales, you can spend less.  Most WalMart stores will price match so take all the grocery ads there and get the best deals all in one place. **Some weeks I only spend $35.00.  It all depends on what I have on hand.  Most of the time, I only need fresh produce and meat because I stock up on pantry and freezer items when on sale.

The GF menu will include a special flour, pasta or bread item that can seem pricey.  We try to keep the overall meal price around $12-$15 even on the GF plan.   Your bag of GF baking mix may cost $6 but you can get several meals out of it.  GF pasta goes on sale for $2 a box. Stock up when items are on sale to help keep your costs down.

We do not repeat the same recipes week after week but we do bring back subscriber favorites after 3-6 months.  Sometimes we will repeat a recipe to combine with ingredients on a grocery list to help you save money when shopping.  If your family NEVER repeats a recipe, then 5 dinners in 1 hour may not be for you but please share your recipe box!  I am impressed with anyone that can come up with several thousand recipes that their family will actually eat.  ;)
No problem, you can easily cross that one off the list and the grocery list is coded so you can easily omit ingredients not needed.  Save your menus so you can always use an old favorite in its place. 
You can always omit that recipe. Our recipe grid contains meals from each of our plans to choose from to substitute if you wish.
Log into your PayPal account and unsubscribe. Unsubscribing from the membership via email does not cancel your recurring payments.  You MUST cancel through PayPal.  You must cancel before your renewal date.  Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds.  We encourage you to keep track of your renewal dates.
New menu plans are posted the last day of each month.