A healthy meal the whole family will love!

slow cooker salisbury steak

  Calling all meat & potato lovers! This salisbury steak recipe is super easy. It slow cooks all day in a gravy sauce. No jarred gravy here. This is from scratch and just as easy as a jarred. If you have a meat lover in your house that thinks "clean eating" is a bunch of rabbit food. Cook this for them with their favorite vegetables and it may win them over. Clean eating does not … [Read more...]

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

chicken enchiladas 2

aka "white girl enchiladas" Time saving tip #3257 - deli roasted chicken! When I don't feel like fondling a hunk of raw poultry and wrestling it into the oven, I opt for the precooked deli kind. No shame here.  It works. My family eats and I get the award for not serving dried up chicken. It is well with my soul. … [Read more...]